Jane Marsh @ Miami University

by Jane Marsh

Supporting: Giving Challenge 2019 for Nourish International

My Team: Miami University



How would you like to support?

Hi everyone! 

Please help support our chapter of Nourish International. We are raising money for our local food pantry, and so we can continue to support our local Farmer's Market!!! 

More than anything we focus on making a sustainable impact on poverty that will last for generations!

Thank you for your support :) 

Nourish International exists to nurture the skillsself-awareness, and confidence of students to become social impact leaders. 

Nourish chapters (teams of young leaders) are calling on their family, friends, peers, & broader communities to raise funds for their cause. Donate now to support students who are investing time and money in community-based initiatives! 

Visit a Team Page above to read about a chapter's community-based partnership and to donate to their campaign.

What is Nourish International?

We are a community of students and alumni working and learning togetherdeveloping leadership skills, and gaining practical experience in management, communications, community-based impact, and much more.

We sharpen

leaders to effectively

amplify community


Our Leaders in Action

Young leaders at UNC - Chapel
Hill used the Nourish platform
to stand in solidarity with the
"Boycott UNC" movement,
organized by students of color
calling for the removal of a
statue with direct ties to white
supremacy & slavery by
boycotting UNC Dining

They harnessed the the social
enterprise model to provide
over 3,500 affordable, 
alternative meals to students
from local vendors & donated
all revenue to UNC's recently
de-funded Center for Civil

These young leaders are
harnessing resources, skills,
& ingenuity to meet a social
need & serve their community.

We prepare young people

to navigate the complex challenges

of being a social impact leader

The Nourish program delivers a learning experience
through teamwork, personalized feedback, 
coaching, curated resources/readings, 
& project delivery.

  1. Our young leaders have the support &
    infrastructure they need to amplify
    community impact.
  2. Our young leaders are effective,
    powerful, & committed to
    developing their WHOLE self.

Leadership Training
We focus on three leadership capacities:

  1. Emotional Intelligence;
  2. People Management; &
  3. Creativity

Impact Infrastructure
We offer:

  1. 501(c)(3) status;
  2. Seed funding; &
  3. A network of mentors & supporters

Program Stats
Through mixed-income models, our teams of young

leaders have earned & invested over $800k into
community-based initiatives. And 90% of alumni
report that the program had a significant or life-
changing impact on their personal & professional


Created for young leaders

A community-based program

designed to sustain leaders who
are change agents for the future.


Our staff, alumni, & supporters
provide one-on-one coaching.
We're able to devote time to
each young leader & the work
they create.


We believe that relationships
are the primary context of
existence. Our community,
staff, & alumni facilitate in-person
& online "Nourish Circles" and
other events.

Learn by Doing

The Nourish program is an
experiential learning opportunity
& virtually all time is spent
creating, reflecting, & leveling up.


Through Nourish, students grow as leaders and responsible members of their communities. They develop emotional intelligence, creativity, and healthy communication and leadership skills; it means hard skills like financial literacy and soft skills like the ability to lead teams and know oneself.


As a result of their Nourish experience, students better understand themselves as people, better understand the nuances of creating and supporting impact in communities, and feel empowered to bring their passions and visions to life in support of social impact and positive change for communities (by valuing impact over intentions).